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5 Budget Apps to Elevate Your Finances

5 Budget Apps to Elevate Your Finances Posted on January 19, 2018Leave a comment

Creating a budget and monitoring your expenses has never been easier in the digital age. There are countless apps for your smartphone on the market that can help you become financially more responsible or if you are just curious to see where your money is going.

The apps out there are incredibly powerful and can help save money, budget for expenses and alert us from overdraft fines. Our smartphones can let us take a passive or aggressive role in our finances and here are some of the best apps out there to help you.




Perhaps one of the best budgeting apps out there, Mint connects to your bank account and the app analyzes the details of your account and actually crafts a specialized budget for you based on your information.

Handing over sensitive information like our bank account to an app can be unsettling, but Mint actually utilizes the same security as banking apps. Mint will send you notifications if there are any unusual purchases, tracks your credit score and shares tips on how to reduce your monthly banking fees.

Mint is a free download for iOS and Android users.





PocketGuard also connects directly to your bank account and is a great choice for those that enjoy a more statistical analysis of their monetary movements. The app shows how much money is currently in your account, how much your income is and how you have spent all on the home screen so you can get a quick snapshot of your habits.

Diving deeper into the app you will find charts and graphs that’s show trends in your spending and makes suggestions how to save, cut back and optimize your purchases.

PocketGuard is a free download, but offers in-app purchases to unlock certain features. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.




            Albert is a budget app that encompasses more of their personal information than most apps on the market. With Albert, you supply your bank, insurance, investments and loan information and the app will suggest various actions you can take to save. For instance, if your auto insurance is higher than average, the app will alert you so you can shop around to get a lower monthly payment. Also, Albert will let you know when you have a monthly or annual payment approaching allowing you to adjust accordingly.

Like many other budget apps out there, Albert also analyses your expenses and can make suggestions where you can trim those expenses and help you save.

Albert is a free app for iOS and will be coming soon to Android. There are no in-app purchases which is nice.




            Unsplurge takes a different approach to finances than most of the apps out there. The app differentiates itself by allowing you to make personalized goals to save towards. For instance, you can make different saving categories like “vacation” or “PS4” or some other big purchases. The app lets you visualize your goal and help you save more towards each goal.

Unsplurge also has a community aspect that allows users to connect and share tips and strategies to saving.

The app is free but sadly is only for iPhone users for the time being.




            If you enjoy having a more hands-on approach to your finances rather than having the app analyze all your accounts, Wally is the app for you. Wally is an expense tracker app that lets you manually log expenses or take a picture of a receipt. Wally also send your notifications when bills are due and whenever you meet your savings goal.

Compared to the other apps on this list, Wally is a simpler approach to your finances by eliminating all the bells and whistles. Wally is free and available for iOS and Android.

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