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What Cancer Costs A Family—Even With Insurance

What Cancer Costs A Family—Even With Insurance Posted on July 26, 2018Leave a comment

When a cancer diagnosis is produced the effect can be devastating. It’s a hard road to travel, often shown in films and books to really drive home the point to those who have not walked that path–and hopefully never will.


One of the worst parts of dealing with cancer is that ever-present dollar sign. Just how much can your family afford to spend to keep fighting the good fight with you? And how much will it cost even if you have an excellent insurance plan? That’s what we’re examining today.


Hospital Visits and Treatment


Even if the insurance company is taking care of the majority of your bills, you’ll still find that you have exceptional amounts of spending to do. These can come in the form of parking at the hospital, coffee for your loved ones waiting for news, dinners in the hospital cafeteria, and so on.


It can also come just in general costs. There may be co-pays for treatments, especially experimental ones. There may be co-pays for medications. There may be co-pays for just about anything that the hospital can throw at you. These will add up over time. Start saving every penny before treatment begins.


At-Home Care


Care in the home can add up to a decent-sized mountain, too. If you have children or pets, they may need a carer while you are undergoing specific kinds of treatment. It is rare that insurance pays for this.


Insurance also won’t pay for your in-home carer if you need one. If, during chemotherapy, you find it difficult to get up from the toilet or you are a slip hazard in showers, you may need someone to monitor you around the clock. Family members often can’t manage this due to work or childcare. This is another bill to consider.




The smallest things will begin to add up. Suddenly, the taste of generic soda will be too grim to bear. You’ll want only brand-name items with the strongest of tastes after chemotherapy treatments or to combat side-effects from your prescriptions.


You may also desire other medical equipment. Some insurance policies will pay for a wheelchair if you need one. Others will not. Some insurance policies may be willing to shell out the money for a hoist to help you into bed when or if you become weakened. Others will not allow anything other than your bare medical costs to be covered. Before you begin treatment, this is the time to start looking over your policy and ask questions. Get answers in writing.


Emotional Stress


The emotional stress of cancer cannot be spoken of enough. Those in remission, survivors, and their loved ones are some of the strongest people on the planet. They push back against the difficulty of cancer just to live a normal, healthy life with their families for as long as they can. No matter what the diagnosis, remember that your best allies are your family, whether blood-related or not. We hope remission finds you or your loved one soon.

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