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Entertaining Yourself Without Going Broke: Hunting Down Deals

Entertaining Yourself Without Going Broke: Hunting Down Deals Posted on March 4, 2018Leave a comment

This is part two of our three part series on entertaining yourself without going broke. So what if you can’t find freebies? Obviously your next step is to try to relegate the costs conservatively. That’s what we have for you today.

Finding great deals on entertainment is easy. We’ll show you how.

Groupon and Sites Like It

The vast majority of people on the internet are aware of Groupon and other sites like it. In the past few years, Groupon has gone from being a coupon peddling hub to a discount retail behemoth that wants to take on the world. And that’s just fine with us!

What a lot of people don’t realize is that Groupon offers local discounts if you allow them to track your location, or if you log in with your personalized account. Groupon offers everything from restaurant coupons that aren’t available anywhere else to huge discounts on things like escape rooms or ziplining tours.

On occasion, Groupon even has local getaways. A quick glance shows mountain cabins, desert retreats and snowy forest wonderlands all at deeply discounted rates- and all from well reputed hotels.

Oh, Radio- Tell Me Everything You Know About Savings

Ah, radio. One of the lost forms of communication since the rise in first television, then cassette tapes, and now the internet. Yet despite being replaced repeatedly, we still find radio to be incredibly informative. Why?

It’s cheap to advertise on. And you’re missing out on those advertisements.

We know it sounds a little crazy to want to listen to advertisements, but more and more companies are offering exclusive deals to those listeners. Turn on your radio while you drive to work or listen to it on your phone while you’re jogging. Not only will you discover new music, but you’ll hear 10% off if you mention a certain term to the cashier at your local arcade or a free $25 giftcard for your local go-kart track if you come on Tuesdays.

Subscription Options

There are so many subscription options out there to help you save a little bit of cash off the top of your entertainment budget. If you’re a first responder, a teacher, or in the military, you may be eligible for one of many local discount cards. Several cities and towns around the US offer a simple discount card for a flash of you identification badge, along with a list of area entertainment centers that offer a certain amount off your visit for your service to your community. Check to see if your area has one and if you are eligible.

We’re also seeing a great number of things like Moviepass come into the lime light as people try to save more. Moviepass offers a low monthly fee to allow you into first run movies one time per day, every day, throughout the month. It is an excellent option for movie junkies like yours truly, if for no other reason that you’ve already pre-paid for all your movie tickets for an entire month for, as of this writing, right about $12. That’s the cost of one movie ticket in most areas.

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