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Online Spending Spotlight: Amazon Savings Tips

Online Spending Spotlight: Amazon Savings Tips Posted on February 11, 2018Leave a comment is a powerhouse retailer, with so many different ways to save and so many different options that it can all be a bit overwhelming. They’re one of the top online merchants in the world, including only the best private sellers to host their wares as well.

But how do you go about saving money on Amazon, beyond their typical prices? Worry no longer folks, we’ve got the info right here.

Prime Savings

Amazon Prime is one of the best savings tools you have access to on the internet as of this writing. While there are competitors starting to pop up here and there, Amazon is still the leader in two day shipping. As Prime continues to add things like Pantry, Music, and Movies, we’re seeing them have a real Midas effect. Everything they touch seems to be gold.

If you’re on the fence about Amazon Prime, you can use your account to take a free trial on a test drive for 30 days. If it’s your thing, you can choose from a number of different payment plans. If it’s not your thing, you can cancel free and clear as long as it’s within that 30 day period.

Camels and Amazon

What on earth do camels and have to do with each other?” You ask. There are several websites devoted to tracking’s best deals of all time, of the day, and of whatever other time period you can imagine. Camelcamelcamel is, though inexplicably named, one of the most common versions of these sites.

A former one, Cowboom, was another great example of these strangely named sites.

We don’t know why they tend to pick such oddities, but we do know that they’re fantastic at finding you the lowest prices on what you’re looking for. That helps you save, spot savings patterns in similar items, and plan your purchases ahead of time. Perfect for those gearing up to do their holiday shopping in July.


It’s rare that we suggest complaining to the manager to get something for your trouble, but this is one of those times that it really pays off. Did a package come late? Is your box more beat up than a professional boxer after 10 rounds? Maybe you even got the wrong item.

In a lot of cases, Amazon will correct the problem as well as offer you a small token of their appreciation for being such a loyal customer. This might be free shipping on your next non-Prime order, a credit toward your current order, or a giftcard for a small amount to be used on your next order.

These giftcards are usually loaded directly to your account and are ready for use by the time you’re off the phone or out of the chat with the customer service associate. This does not reflect poorly on the people you’ve worked with, as Amazon is well aware that mistakes happen. It only bolsters your savings with free money.

We do request that you not make false complaints. Too many complaints in a short period of time will result in the flagging of your account, and nobody wants that. Be honest, but don’t be afraid to speak up.

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