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Travel Tricks That Will Really Get You Places

Travel Tricks That Will Really Get You Places Posted on February 12, 2018Leave a comment

With so many different ways to save money when you’re traveling, you’d have to be crazy to pay full price. That includes any part of travel that you can think of: gas, flights, hotels, rental cars, even luggage fees. All of these can find a loophole or some cheaper way to get them done. Let’s look at some tips to get your travel done for less.

Wednesdays Eternal

It’s common knowledge that one of the best days to book your flights is on Wednesdays. Did you also know that it’s one of the cheapest days to rent a hotel or fill your car up, too? Strangely enough, it’s one of the most expensive days to rent a car- you’ll want to wait on that until the weekend, as weekend deals are often some of the cheapest available.


It was only a few short years ago that this savings giant was peddling cheap coupon codes and barely making ends meet. Groupon is a megalith of savings for those of us in the know, including travel. If you’re open to a destination or only have a general idea of what you want to go do, Groupon is for you. They offer huge discounts on vacations near large cities and national landmarks, as well as deep discounts to help you get there in the first place.

The Hold Music

Sometimes, you just have to wait to get your cheaper digs. And sometimes that means listening to the hold music. This is especially true with that ever-classic vacation, Walt Disney World. If you’re looking for a certain type of discount, or one that matches your budget, you may be calling the Walt Disney World reservation center several times to try to snag a cancellation.

Walt Disney World is just one of many examples. This happens at most of the major resorts of the world that you can name off the top of your head. People have to cancel reservations all the time. While it’s very sad that they do, you can get their cheaper reservation if you keep at it.

We also advise keeping an eye out for cheaper rates that may fall within your cancellation window. It takes 2 minutes of your time to check, once per day, to make sure that you’re still getting the best deal on all of your travel. That 2 minutes could save you hundreds, maybe even thousands depending on your trip. Check on prices until you’re locked in to your rate. Happy Travels.

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